Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am a huge fan of this site. I watch it every day on my following list so I can see the latest wrecks! They CRACK ME UP!! It is so hilarious to look through the many cakes people can actually wreck. And I've noticed most of them are made at your local grocery store.

I admit, maybe I have had a few of those when I first started learning to decorate. I just cannot forgive myself for this one:
The colors don't really flow, the buttercream roses were my first attempt ever, and THAT LINE... The HIDEOUS purple squiggle I just had to do under the poorly written yellow words! But hey, at least I spelled it correctly, right? It's a shame, I know.
The other day as some friends and I were walking through Albertsons I just had to make a stop by the cake section. I laughed as I looked at their 'pine cone' buttercream roses, I laughed even more when I saw their 'pregnant' barbie cake that in reality was way too tall to look normal, but I almost died laughter when I saw this:
Luckily one of my friends had their camera on them, the phone photos just weren't cutting it.
First of all, What kind of turkey is that??? It looks oddly shaped, moldy, over cooked and has a lace up bodice on!

Second, why are there paper tassels coming out of the moldy legs?!?

wouldn't know what to expect when biting into a piece of this cake. I think it would be interesting.
Now, for those of you who have some time on your hands go here to Cake Wrecks and I guarantee you will laugh your butts off!
Have a nice day!

Happy Thanksgiving!


katrina said...

oh that website is hilarious!!