Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Final Course 3 Cake

Another Course Down! Only one more to go!
I did my final Course 3 cake last night.
I struggled with this one a little bit. On Sunday I made the cakes, I did a yellow and devils food cake mix swirled together with a chocolate cream filling. I think this was one of the best tasting ones yet.
Then on Monday night I had to frost it with buttercream and cover it with fondant. First I had to color the fondant and I was trying to get it dark brown but it wasn't coloring right. I was adding cocoa powder to it to get the brown, and also brown food paste, but still it was Carmel looking. So after adding, red, blue, green and more brown, i finally got something that would work.
I think me and my friend Jen spent an hour or more trying to get the color I wanted. So i rolled out my fondant and went to cover my 9 inch cake, and I got it all on fine, and I was at the last 2 inches of placing the fondant and IT RIPPED! I panicked, i didn't know what to do. I couldn't just take it off because it was already stuck to the buttercream. So I just left it for a minute so i could decide what to do then moved onto my small 6 inch cake. That one turned out well. It was a lot easier, although i did get a small tear in towards the top, but that's what flowers are for :)
So after debating what to do about my tear I found some lime green ribbon, that worked perfectly! I thought the colors matched really well!
Before assembling the cake

52 roses - these took me 9 hours!

During assembly at class

After assembly

My certificate

I think this one is my favorite cake. I think it turned out well for it being my first time covering a round cake. The bottoms around the cake weren't perfect. But I know practice makes perfect :)


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