Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fondant & Gum Paste

On Saturday I went to the first half of my fondant & gum paste class. We learned a whole bunch of new techniques like how to make carnations, daises and fantasy flowers out of fondant. We also got a new embosser tool in out kit, and a new rolling cutter. They are so nice to have! Then we also learned draping. I LOVE draping, I have seen some gorgeously draped wedding cakes that I love! Draping fondant can be tricky, but I think I did alright for my first time. I'll definitely have to practice. For some reason I can't get this picture to turn, but i put some white pearl dust on my drape to give it a sparkle.

ric-rac boarder

This cake is simple, but I think it is elegant. I had fun doing it :)
This week I have 3 birthday cakes to make! My dad's birthday is tomorrow (His cake will be delicious-in more than one way!) My Mother-in-laws birthday is on Friday (Her cake will be her favorite hobby!) and My sister's best friends daughter, Emma's birthday is on Saturday (Hers is going to be adorable!)
It may take me until the first of next week to get pictures posted, because I'll be so busy, but stay tuned and check them out!


Carly said...

I am SO excited to see all of your hard work from this week! Dad's cake was AWESOME!!!