Thursday, October 15, 2009

MMM, Pizza!

My dad's birthday was yesterday. He requested that he either had a pizza cake or a guitar cake. So I decided to go with the pizza. I had SO much fun with this one! All of the toppings are candy!
Then I came up with the idea to make some bread sticks and a cup of dipping sauce.
So I baked my dads favorite cake, Lemon with lemon fruit filling and then I made a cupcake for the cup of sauce and then put some cake batter into a loaf pan so it helped with the long shape of the bread sticks.

My brother works at Papa Murphy's so he brought home a pizza box to top it all off :)The toppings are:
Grated White Chocolate = Cheese
Flattened white gumdrops = onion rings
Yellow gumdrops = pineapple
Fruit Leather cut into circles = pepperoni
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate = Meatballs
Raisinettes = Sausage / Onions
Green swedish fish = anchovies/green onions
For the bread sticks I shaped them a little and then sprinkled some chocolate cake crumbs on top for the look of the seasonings.
My Dad!

I have to admit, I loved this cake! It was so fun to be creative and put it together!
Happy Birthday Dad!


Hev and Danaca said...

good job, that looks awsome!!

Carly said...

Awesome job sister! One of the girls here at work thought it was a real pizza :) Can't wait to see pictures of Emma and Cindy's cakes!